by. Jordan


Do you know about that, Madagascar wildlife is found only on Madagascar? That is a lot of rare animals,and Some of the rare animals are chameleons and lemurs.One of the chameleons if you were Miniaturized it would be the same length as you laing down.

Why I want to Madagascar!

I’d love to go see Madagascar!I'd love to see the rare animals. I would like to climb up the trees and see the chameleons who lives only in Madagascar.I´d want Learn their language.I want to camp there to see the nocturnal animals at night. Madagascar has so many thing I want to do.


Here is the culture in Madagascar this may be different than yours. They get there clothes on the day of the 26th of June every year.Madagascar´s lanaguage is French,English,Swahili and Arabic.May -August is 48 degrees fahrenheit.Is this culture differint then yours.

interesting facts

Here is the interesting facts about Madagascar. Madagascar is the 4th largest island. Madagascar population is 24,915,822. In Madagascar more than 80 percentage of the forest was cut down.This is the interesting facts about madagascar.


Someday I'd want to head over to Madagascar. I´d like to stay overnight and see the rare animals pop out. I´d want to go May-August when it is 48 degrees. This might blow your mind that Madagascar is the fourth largest island. If I even get to go there I hope to learn even more then thats in the story.