Durrant's Spotlight

Reverse Poems - remember to read top down & then BOTTOM up

-Hiding behind the glass- by Kayla

I have to be 100% perfect

You will never hear me say I am worth the fight

because the truth is

I’m not good for anyone

don’t try to convince me that

I’m beautiful and perfect the way I am

Because I know

I am an ugly, worthless failure

You will never hear me say

“I will be okay”

Because the truth is

No one will care unless I’m stunning or popular

It is a lie that

“Everything is okay”

I tell you that

I’m happy

The truth is

I can’t stand looking at myself in the mirror anymore

It would be false if I said

I am confident and feel good in my own skin

If you take a closer look you can easily see that

I wanna be skinny like the other pretty girls

Never in a million years will you hear me say

I am beautiful

Feminism - by Austin

Women are selfish

I refuse to believe that

Woman have importance

Because the truth is

Women weren’t made to learn

You shouldn’t say

Women can help

What you should say is

Women can’t be trusted

It’s wrong to think

Women have rights

What I'm trying to tell you is

Women have no use

Nobody should think

Women have voices

What people need to understand is

Women weigh men down

It's a lie when you say

Women deserve equal opportunities

The truth is

Men have all the control

Never think that

Women play a valuable role in society

Gay Rights - by Erika

Gay marriage is NEVER acceptable.

Don’t ever tell me that

These people have rights and deserve them.

Can you really admit that?

“These people are abominations.”

They should never, in a million years, be able to marry.

I don’t care if you think that

Everyone should be able to love who they want.

“Maybe you need to accept that there are peculiar people in the world!”

You may say that, but you don’t believe it.

“All people need to be like clones!”

But they aren’t.

These people are worse than murderers.

You may say that

Gay marriage is incredible.

But in reality

“Gay marriage doesn’t deserve to be legal!”

These people don’t belong in this atmosphere.

Don’t ever disagree with me and scream that

They should be loved and respected.

These people don’t deserve to live.

And you will NEVER hear me say that

Gay marriage is acceptable.

Now read this from the bottom up.