Socrates Socks Paris

Your trashcan should never substitute for your sock drawer

Socrates Socks is opening its latest store in Paris

We are bringing our latest product to France!

Socrates Socks Paris

For all the guys that are in desperate need for everlasting socks, SocratesSocks created an innovative product. No more having to replace socks because of holes, drooping, or worn bottoms. These socks are made out of the most durable materials, such as kevlar carbon matrix and military spec elastic. Socrates Socks is proud to be announcing their first distributor in Europe, located in Paris

come to our official store opening

We are inviting you for the festive inauguration April 19th. The store is opening with a speech by young entrepreneur Cam Carter about bringing this product to the European market, several performances and a free glass of champagne for every visitor. Bring this brochure and get an exclusive discount on your first pair of Socrates Socks. We're also giving away a free pair of socks for the first 25 costumers!

Don't hesitate and visit us at 247 Place Marguerite de Navarre in Paris; Only minutes away from the famous shopping district Les Halles.