Who runs our country?

How are laws made?

The President doesn't make the laws, he only approves them. Who is it that makes the laws? Well, anyone can make a law. First, there needs to be a person who thinks the law is a good idea. Then, they make a group or something to draw attention to the idea. After that, a legislator needs to notice it. If they think it is a good idea, they may propose it as a bill. If a lot of people like it, then the bill gets sent to the governor of the president. If they like it, they can sign it and it becomes a law. If they don't like it, it gets sent back. But, if the president or governor doesn't like the law, and doesn't sign it, it can still become a law. There has to be at least 2/3 of the legislators voting for it, but then it can become a law.

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