All you need to know about Suriname

In this project you can learn all about suriname

In this paragraph you will learn about Suriname's history.

This country was once owned by a other country in Europe or the old world like all the other countries in South America.Suriname was actually owned by the Netherlands witch many countries where not. But it did gain its independence in the year of 1954. Know it is a self governed country with the official language being Dutch.

In this section you will learn about the geographical and political information.

My country is in the northern part of South Africa East of Gayana. Suriname has lots of physical features,3 of them are there's the Blommetein Lake,oranje mountains,and the Juliana peek in the wihelmind mountains.

Suriname is a liberal democracy and the president is Desire Delano Bouterse. As fare as the Suriname goes thay are in good terms with other country because thay are relatively peaceful people.

The capital of Suriname is Paramaribo and two large city's are Lelydorp and Moengo

Suriname's currency is the Surinamese dollar and thay live as capitalisem.

All about the imports and exports to and from Surname

Suriname imports mainly transportation like cars,large construction vehicles,delivery trucks,and thay import poultry meat as well. Thay import to the United States.The things that Suriname exports our aluminium oxide,gold,bananas,and rice. Suriname exports the goods to the United States.

Why should you go to Suriname for you vacation.

You should travel to Suriname because of its beaches,and it's natural reservs like Albina,Palumeu,Galibi,and Coppename.the things you should also do and see in Suriname is visit fort Zeelandid,swim In the Coppename River,clime julianatop,and you should visit the Brownberg Natural park.