Comprehensive Exam Thoughts

Matt Briggs - Appalachian State ITC Program

Personal and Professional Accomplishments

  • Presenter at the Global Education Conference – Fall 2012
  • Promoted to Instructional Technology Facilitator by my district based on participation in the program and personal achievements
  • Development of a wide knowledge base concerning technology use and implementation
  • Development of a large PLN of teachers, administrators, and leaders across the state to collaborate with on technology use
  • Facilitate the maximum use of purposeful technology in the classroom and PLCs

Ways I am Using What I Learned From Products of Learning

  • Scanning new environments in which I work to establish strategies for technology implementation
  • Helping other teachers identify what is working technology-wise for their needs and what could be improved
  • Offering PD sessions that highlight best practices in technology use
  • Helping teachers and curriculum coordinators navigate technology laws and how this affects their students and staff
  • Planning, implementing and documenting results from “outside-the-box” technology use (i.e. using games in the classroom)
  • Securing funds through grants and donors for technology implementation
  • Drafting user agreements for student technology use

Ways I Would Describe the Program, Courses and Products of Learning to Others

  • I learned the basics of correct technology use within my classroom (using technology to enhance/engage student learning and not make lessons have more “bells and whistles”)
  • I learned how infrastructure plays a part in technology implementation with the classroom and system
  • I learned how laws and ethics play a part in the implementation of technology within the classroom (keeping in mind CIPA and COPPA laws for students under the age of 13)
  • I learned how to search for and apply for grants that would provide funds for technology within a school and system
  • I learned how to work with school leaders to create and maintain a vision and mission for the schools in terms of technology integration
  • I have learned about the decision-making process that is involved when planning for instructional technology use in a school system.

What I Need to Learn Next and How Will I Learn it

  • Maintain current levels of familiarity with emerging technology and trends
  • Maintain and increase network of professionals within the ITF field
  • Become a part of various technology organizations within the state
  • Attend and participate in various professional conferences
  • Potentially enroll in a PhD program for Instructional Technology
  • Become a “change leader” in the school by staying current with technology available to students, modeling for teachers and students
  • Become more familiar with the ISTE standards for Administrators (ITF, teachers)- read and use as part of Individual Growth Plan