Mrs. Pitcher's Title 1 Update

January 2016

Winter Benchmark Results

We will review your child's winter benchmark results during our winter conferences in February. If you would like to discuss those results prior to your conference date, please contact me so that we can schedule a meeting.

Winter Conferences

Winter Conferences will be Thursday, February 4th and Tuesday, February 9th. I will meet with you during your child's conference with his/her classroom teacher.

Book Pockets

Please remind your child to bring his book pocket home every night. I know that some students are leaving their pocket at school instead of bringing it home. By reading each day, your child's reading fluency and comprehension will continue to improve.

Sight Word Reminder

Please remember to practice your child's sight word cards. Once he/she has mastered reading the cards, you can practice spelling the words. This will help enhance writing skills as well as reading skills.

Reading Strategies Reminder

  • While reading, remind your child to "tap out" unknown sounds. Also encourage him or her to use picture and context clues. Using these strategies will help your child become a more fluent reader.
  • Ask your child questions while are you are reading together. You can also have your child ask you questions about the story. This will help further develop comprehension.