Albert Einstein

"If you can't explain it you don't understand it."

Early Life

Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879 in the southern Germany city of Ulm. He was already striving to get better in math and science when he started school and was very talented at playing the violin. Then in 1894 he moved to Switzerland to attend a better school. In 1901 he became a citizen there and fell in love with a girl named Mileva Maric. After his parents said he couldn't marry her with their money he saved up and married her in 1903.

Finding a Job

After getting married and having two children Einstein looked for a job that would be able to sustain him and his family. When he found a job as an article writer for groundbreaking articles. This is where he found his real creativity and love for writing. Einstein stayed at this job until 1909 until he was about to have his third child. Him and his wife decided to move to Berlin for a job opening at The University of Zurich.
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Moving to the U.S.A.

In 1933 Einstein was targeted for being a Jewish man so he took his family to the US to start a new life while the war was going on. When he got here he decided to go to an institute in New Jersey so he could further explore the science, math, and physics he was intrigued by. In 1936 Einstein's wife died. Almost being a whole decade full of work he had almost completed his first Unified Field theory. This theory shows how the universe runs by the laws of physics.

Later Life

Through Einsteins later life he continued his explorations of physics and math and made many new theories about on these topics. Throughout this he helped the US make the first Atomic bomb. They at first didn't believe that he was helping them because he was part German. Despite this he told them everything that he thought would work and they granted him permission to help build the bomb. After becoming a citizen in 1940 Einstein continued working on his Unified field theory, he felt if he could complete this he did his help. Soon later he died on April 18, 1955.
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Impact On Us Today

Albert Einstein left a huge impact on society. If he was not alive we wouldn't have digital cameras, GPS systems and so many other things that his theories led today. He also gave us new ideas on how the universe impacts us on Earth. Today we have found out what his sketches mean for us and how he puts together his ideas. Now we have people just as smart as him because of him. Despite all the obstacles he fought Albert Einstein strived for perfection.