Our Christmas Newsletter

By:, Jessica,Bailey,Zachory, JacobW,Abbey,Logan,Savanah

Commas and Conjunctions

Commas are a certain type of punctuation. You can use them when you are using conjunctions. We like to use FANBOYS. FANBOYS stands for all of the common conjunctions, such as, For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, and So.

Interview with Mrs. Riddle About Plastic Caps

A kindergarten teacher named Mrs. Riddle has a husband who knows someone who's daughter has dialysis. Our class has been collecting plastic caps to raise money for her treatment. Logan and Savanah interviewed Mrs. Riddle and asked her about the caps. Here's a sneak peek at the interview:

Q: How do you feel about the girl being sick? A: It makes me sad, but it makes me feel good that the school is helping.

Q: Have you ever met the girl? A: No, I have not met the girl

Q: How many caps would like us to bring in? A: As many as we can because the more we bring the better it helps.

Q: How many tops do you have so far? A: Over 500.

Q: Does she live near us? A: Yes,she does live near us.

Q: What would you like us to do? A: Help the family as much as we can.

Q: Why is this important? A: Because we know they need our help.


This is erosion because the water washed the mulch, so the water is taking over. The other picture is an example of erosion because the mulch is washed away, and you can see the pad water under the mulch. The last picture is a erosion because there was grass, and there's water in that place.

By: Abbey Hammond

Snowball Dance

We are having our snowball dance Thursday, December 17 until 4:00 p.m. It cost six dollars per child to get in. That will get your child one glow stick ,a slice of pizza, and one bottle of water. And of course... lots of FUN!

By: Bailey Herm

Snowman Name Vote by Jacob W

Our teacher bought a snowman for our classroom. We want to name him, but all of our classmates keep fighting over the name. We would like parents to vote. Here are some names.

> Jake

> Olaf

> Chilly

> Frosty

> Rudolph

> Joe

> Bob

> Flame

Please vote in the comments box. Scroll to the bottom of the Newsletter.

Text Structure in Informational Text by Jessica

We started doing text structures so we understand how the problem and solution, cause and effect, chronological or sequence, compare and contrast, description or list structures help us find more information. This picture is an example of the structures.
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