Ancient Roman Times

Written by Geena Porcaro

Plebeian Rights

I am a plebeian and I feel like the patricians hold too much power. Plebeians should get some rights. As a plebeian, I for one say that we need to get a say in the government. It is not fair for us to not even get a chance to run the government just because we are not as wealthy as the patricians. Please help the plebeians to have a fair life and do something amazing by letting us run the government.
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Vote Jason Henry for senate

Vote Jason Henry for senate! Jason Henry is a loyal and trustworthy man. He will always listen to you. If you vote Jason Henry for senate, I can assure you that you will be happy with your choice. Jason Henry has helped many people through tough times by donating food and money to the poor, and by putting a roof over many of their heads.

Julius Caesar will be greatly missed!

Julius Caesar was a man loved by many and he will be greatly missed. Julius was a brilliant man who loved his people so much that he declared himself "senator for life" in order to protect them. Caesar was a brilliant war general. He was so powerful, and the people loved him so much, that the senate thought he was a threat to them which is why they stabbed him to death in order to end his reign. None of us will never forget Julius Caesar or the wonderful things he accomplished in his lifetime.
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Go visit the Tiber River

Are you bored and looking for a fun trip? Do you ever get tired of doing the same things over and over again? Well I have just the place for you! Go visit the Tiber River! You might be thinking to yourself that the Tiber River does not seem fun, but it is the prettiest place you will ever see. Trust me, once experience the beautiful views you will want to return again and again.
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I for one am for Christianity. I feel like people should be free to choose who or what they want to worship. A Christian is someone that believes that there is only one God, and that Jesus Christ died on the cross to forgive our sins. Non-Christians can worship their gods and goddesses and Christians can worship our God. Every person should be able to have their own opinion. Christians do not write or say bad stuff about non-Christians, so please stop saying and talking bad about us Christians.
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Breaking News! Huns have Invaded!

The Huns are here! For those people out there who don't know who the Huns are, let me tell you. They are a Barbarian tribe who has invaded and taken over many countries. The Huns are so big, bad, and scary that even the other barbarian tribes run away from them. Parents keep your children inside! The Huns have just reached our borders! I repeat the Huns have just reached our borders!
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Interview with Claudius

Geena- Hello Claudius

Claudius- Hello Geena

G- how long were you emperor?

C- 13 Years

G- what dynasty were you a part of?

C- The Julio-Claudian Dynasty

G- what is some of the stuff you accomplished during the 13 years you were emperor

C- I strengthened the Judicial System with laws to increase the practice of law, I was mostly a military leader but I also managed to stay connected to the politics of Rome. I began the invasion of Britain, and added the provinces of Turkey and Israel.

G- It sounds like you did a lot when you were emperor.

C- I tried to be the best emperor I could be!

G- well you sure did do a good job

C- Thank you

G- you're welcome, Good-bye

C- Good-bye

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A New Temple is being Built

Attention everybody, there is a new Temple in town! This Temple is going to be a nice, quiet place where you can go worship God. This temple is going to be much bigger than the other temple, so that more people will be able to attend. The temple will be finished within a year or two. Keep an eye out for any further information.
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New Invention- the Calendars

We have a great new way for you to keep track of days ad all of your special events. It's called a calendar! It contains 10 months and 304 days. With it, you can schedule activities and keep track of them. It is a great way to help you stay more organized.
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Looking for a place to travel? You should try Egypt!

If you ever have an opportunity to travel I suggest going to Egypt and visiting the Great Pyramids. In Egypt, the sun is shining bright and the sand is warm. The pyramids are a amazing sight to behold! Traveling to Egypt and visiting the Pyramids is something that you will never forget. You will be amazed by how tall the Pyramids are and wonder how they possibly could have been created by human hands alone.
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