By: Jazmine Lutz

Places I have heard of

Scotland, England, Ireland, London, Wales, Manchester, and Dublin. I have heard of all of these places talked about in school, but places like England and London I have heard them be talked about on the news or over the radio

Where Beowulf Originated

Beowulf was a tale made by the people of the Anglo-Saxon civilization and takes place on the European mainland among the Danes and the Geats. Nobody knows the original author of the poem because it dates back to as early as c. 700, and handwriting reveals that it was scripted by more than one person.

How the People who first experienced Beowulf lived

The people of this time had not yet adopted the religion of Christianity and were still using invasions to get onto the land they wanted. They were people who wandered the sea, they were violent and bleak. As they settled they became less violent, more agricultural, more secure, and more civilized.

How the Poem Survived

In 1731 the manuscript was badly damaged in a fire. Some of the words have been lost throughout the years in the fire and with people translating the poem from old English. When translating some of the meanings and the truth of the poem are lost because not everything has a translation with the same meaning. People still read this poem today because it can still help teach others about the Anglo-Saxon's history, language, and way of life.

Themes of the Poem

Power and Progress are themes in this poem because Beowulf thinks that he is powerful enough to help the Danes' king, and he was trying to make progress by fighting and defeating Grendel. Brutality and Death would be other themes that would suit this poem because Grendel and Beowulf both are out to kill and the poem gets pretty brutal with Grendel tearing apart the men, killing and eating them. Faith and Freedom because the people want freedom from the fear of Grendel attacking and they have to have faith in Beowulf beating Grendel.