The Church is one

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The Church's "animal"

The Church’s animal depiction of this gospel is a winged ox; an animal used in sacrifice, seen in the beginning of the gospel.

About the Author

Luke was a Greek Gentile Christian that some might think of him to be a disciple of Paul.

What about his audience?

Luke’s audience was very unique because it is the only gospel written from a Gentile to Gentile Christians suffering persecution in Rome and it is also unique because dedicated "theophilus," meaning "one who loves God."

Fun Fact!

The date of the writing is approximately AD 80-85.

Jesus' complete self in the Gospel of Luke!

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In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus is portrayed as compassionate and merciful with a special concern and interest for poor people, women, and non-Jews and is extremely forgiving.

A unique story in the gospel is Luke's infancy narrative, with an emphasis on the “elaborate parallelism between Jesus and John the Baptist. In each case Jesus is greater than the Baptist.” (RG.401).


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