Percussion Stuff!

Dec. 9-20

Finishing Out This Week. . .

I will not be in class on Friday due to a committee meeting so be prepared to run the concert without me there. My sub will have lesson plans and directions on how to use the sound system with my computer.

We are getting close to the end of the semester so not much is going on, schoolwise, this weekend. I'm sure there are plenty of concerts happening that I don't know about. If you go to a concert, be sure to give a BRIEF review and turn that in with a copy of the program for some extra credit.

Out Of Class Schedule. . .

Wednesday, Dec. 16: South Area Band Concert. The concert is supposed to start at 7:30 pm. Students need to be in Gym A, with all equipment, mallets and music, ready to rehearse at 6:00 pm. Since the classes meet at different times, we really need to rehearse a little with the wind section. Make every effort to be there on time, wearing the right clothes, with the right equipment, doing the right thing (so you can get full credit for the night).

Speaking of clothes, dress for the concert is the formal dress provided by South High for the girls and the tuxedo for they guys. Girls will need to personally provide black dress shoes (not combat boots or snow boots) and black tights/hose. It is also highly recommended to wear an appropriate undergarment (not sports bra). Guys will need to provide black dress shoes, black calf length socks and the white tuxedo shirt. This shirt needs to be purchased from Castelli's Formalwear in the Chesterfield Mall. Be sure to let them know you are with the Parkway South Band as there is a discount associated with the purchase of the shirt. The tuxedo pants, jacket, cummerbund and tie will be provided by South High.

For those worried about paying a lot for clothes, there is a Goodwill on Manchester. Please be sure students are dressed correctly.

This concert will count at a Concert Attendance weighted grade: is the student where they need to be, when they need to be there, with the equipment they need to perform, wearing what they are supposed to wear.

The Community Music School will be having a Percussion Ensemble concert on Sunday, Dec. 20. The concert begins are 7:00 pm. Raymond Waidmann is a member of this ensemble at if we are planning to go as a group, for those who would want to go. We will meet at Weber's Front Row Grill in Webster Groves at 5:00 pm for dinner, then go to the concert to watch some fun percussion and support Raymond. This is an extra credit opportunity also. We would love to see you there.

In Class Schedule

Tuesday, Dec. 15: Performance Tests for the South Area Concert. We will run the concert in order today. Each song will be recorded on Movenote and viewed later for a Performance weighted grade. The songs, in order, are: Glitzville, Ruslan and Ludmilla, Declaration Overture, Prairie Songs, A Cave You Fear and Christmas Lights.

Thursday, Dec. 17: Rehearsal for the final. Students have been "movenoting" excerpts of their small ensemble all semester; here is why. For the percussion final, the small ensembles will perform the part of the music they have been responsible for up to this point. Today, we will have a mini-rehearsal for these parts put together in their ensembles. Here is the sechedule:

--Breakfast at Timpani's in the band room at 9:30 am playing the beginning to the Coda (implementing the D. S>)

--Head Talk in the hallway or orchestra room with a piece of the staging at 9:47 am playing the beginning to 60

--Mercury Rising in the band room at 10:05 playing the beginning to 105 (use Head Talk rehearsal time to set up)

--Chipboard/Ave Maria in the orchestra room at 10:22 playing all of Chipboard and Ave Maria beginning to 9 (use Mercury Rising time to get set up.)

The final is Monday, Dec. 21 at 9:45 am - 11:40 am

Long Range Planning

12/21: Final exam

12/24 - 1/5-No Schoool for Winter Break

1/5: Pep Band

1/7: Curriculum Evening

1/8: Pep Band

1/10: EXTRA CREDIT--All-Suburban Band Concert


I love it when you ask questions right before the concert about what they should be wearing. . . .it tells me you don't read my Smore, website or Google Classroom:)