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Moodle Courses can help YOU improve your English!


Welcome to The Ministry of Education Moodle courses!

We, your teachers of English, want to welcome you to the Moodle courses, and help you improve your English! There is no doubt: Our courses will help YOU do very well in English and prepare for the Bagrut in English.

By the end of the courses you will have:

  • learned reading strategies for unseens;
  • learned writing strategies for opinion and descriptive essays;
  • enriched your vocabulary with keywords for the Bagrut;
  • reviewed important grammatical structures;
  • learned to present information in spoken and written English on a wide range of subjects; and
  • practiced, practiced, and then practiced some more!

You will also have learned to become an independent learner by making progress and completing assignments at your own pace.

Finally, you will have the satisfaction of seeing your improvement from start to finish.

Let’s begin!

Get Ready for COBE - Student view
Student view Preparation for COBE

Eduardo Lina - Teacher of English as a Foreign Language