Flying start

Your first chance to impress!

TASK 1: Create a short video to introduce and present yourself:

- Your name and a little bit about yourself

- What pathway you will be studying on

- Your career aim, what motivated you and what are you planning to do this year to ensure that you will be successful on this course

- Something interesting or memorable about you


- If you were a spice or a dish, which one would you be and why

Make it stand out!

TASK 2: Chose one of the following topics to write a 300 words essay:

- Values & ethics in healthcare

- Key issues within the NHS

- NHS in the news

- Save our NHS

- The impact of current health care legislation

Key criteria:

- Submit a "PLAN", a "DRAFT" and a "FINAL COPY" (Please find a plan template here: PLAN)

- Follow the essay format: Introduction; Main body with paragraphs; Conclusion

- Use correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, syntax

- Make sure everything has been written in your own words (unless using quotations) and all your sources are referenced and cited, following the Harvard guidelines

- Remember to proofread your work!


- Using Blooms taxonomy (please see below) - chose the level you would like to work at, i.e.: describe, explain, analyse, evaluate, etc. (the higher levels are representative for higher grades!)

Key resources (click on the link or type short URL to access):