By: Emily Gipson

What is matter made of?

Matter is made up of little things called atoms, this comes from the greek word atomos. Atoms contain empty space, and different types of atoms can make a molecules.There are three different types of atoms, protons, neutrons, and electrons. The nucleus has protons and neutrons.

Solids, Liquids, and Gas

A solid is a hard substance that does not move unless you move it. A solid can be like a door, it doesnt move on its own unless you move it. A liquid is a flowing substance that can change its shape into different containers. An example for a liquid is water, when it runs down the stream it moves on its own, and you can also move it when its in a glass. A gas is something that can move on its own, an example is air.


Atoms are the tinyiest paticles of a substance, that has all the same properties of a substance. Matter is anything that takes up space

Energy, and Density

Energy: Power source that damages matter (physical Chemical) ( potential, kinetic, gravity, heat, temp, electron, friction,solar, etc)

Density: How heavy something is for its size, D=m/v.

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