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March 2022 Newsletter

MHES News and Updates

This newsletter will provide parents with updates and events at Marumsco Hills Elementary for the month of March.

School Calendar Dates: March

  • March 3: PEP Registration 5-7
  • March 8: PWCS Title I Spring Family Engagement Event 7:00-8:15 (virtual)
  • March 14-18: Book Fair
  • March 16: Tornado Drill
  • March 16: Title I Math and Literacy Night 6:00

  • April 1: End of 3rd Quarter/Teacher Workday

Title I Family Engagement: Math and Literacy Night - March 16

You are invited to attend our Kindergarten-5thgrade SUPERHERO Math and Literacy Night. This “free” event will have fun interactive games and activities for all to enjoy.

Date: Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Time: 6:00 PM

Place: Marumsco Hills Elementary School

Updated COVID Information and Guidance

Recently there have been some changes to the COVID-19 precautions and procedures. The

  • If community level reaches “high” status, we may need to return to required masks.
  • Currently we are not doing contact tracing and have no mandatory quarantines. If 10% of -our school population is COVID positive, we will return to contact tracing and quarantine procedures, in accordance with the health department.
  • If a student or staff member are positive, we need to continue to submit the surveillance forms. If your child tests positive, please notify the school nurse.
  • Isolation periods, for those students who are COVID positive or have a physician diagnosis of COVID-19, are 10 days.
  • We return to regulation 757-1 for our current practices related to illness in the school setting.
  • Water fountains remain restricted. Students may only use the bottle filler.
  • Parents still cannot come in and eat lunch with their children in the cafeteria.
  • Assigned seats on the bus and in the cafeteria will continue at this time.

There is a COVID Family Support line available: 703-791-7845.

Lexia March Madness Tournament

Grade levels will be competing in a Lexia March Madness Tournament. The students must complete and meet their unit goal, not simply minutes on Lexia, to advance their class forward in the tournament. Students can access Lexia from home to work on meeting their goals, as well as when they have time during the school day. This video link is a great review of the Lexia program for parents and students.

Parents as Educational Partners (PEP)

PEP is a free program for adult family members to empower and educate parents and guardians of English Language Learners to become decision makes and advocates for their children's education. We encourage our families to register and attend the PEP classes as we strive for a positive home-school connection.

PEP Registration is on March 3 from 5:00-7:00 at Marumsco Hills.

PEP Classes will be held in person at MHES from 5:00-7:00 on the following dates:

  • March 14
  • March17
  • March 21
  • March 24
  • March 28
  • March 31
  • April 4
  • April 7

Quarter 2 Principal Honor Roll

The following students received all A's for the second quarter. Congratulations!

3rd Grade

· Emma Sudberry

· Raul Gonzalez

· Giselle Lopez

· Ana Salmeron

· Roger Chithpravongsa

· Isabella Romero

4th Grade

· Elizabeth Benavides Arias

· Katherine Escobar

· James Eaton

· Jose Romero Morales

· Alexis Lainez Alvarez

· Aubrey Clark

· Kaylee Argueta Marquez

5th Grade

· Esperanza Almendras Salazar

· Dulce Andrade Carranza

· Christopher Carcamo-Salazar

· Mikayla Espana

· Erik Hernandez Nunez

· Angel Lopez Hernandez

· Katherine Orellana-Berrios

· Jason Ayala Bonia

· Anderson Carranza Benavides

· Luke Sudberry

· Kevin Valladares Calix

Quarter 2 AB Honor Roll

The following students received all A's and B's for the second quarter. Congratulations!

3rd Grade

· Katherine Ramos Orellana

· Camila Ayala Lopez

· Liana Cea Espinoza

· Lindsay Henriquez Henriquez

· Shaylee Reyes Vasquez

· Xavi Segovia Castro

· Valery Veliz Trochez

· Arianna Cabrera

· Alejandra Estrada

· Lourdes Mendez-Castro

· Kevin Nunez-Chavez

· Tiana Tiller

· Valentina Bautista

· Brianna Beurete

· Alessandra Flores

· Jessica Guardado

· Eliora Mintesnot

· Henry Orellana

· Ezray Parada

· Ashlyn Ramos

· Mc'kenzie Ratliff

· Angel Benitez- Gonzalez

· Alexia Camacho Rojas

· Jacelyn Castillo

· Kiahlee Majors-Tibbs

· Lily Orozco Nieto

· Yosmely Ramirez Lopez

4th Grade

· Brandon Cruz

· Surashree Dasgupta

· Richard Rodillo

· Celvin Moreno

· Dulcenoemu R

· Isabella V Sanchez

· Maliyah Leggett

· Marcelo Arvalo Escobar

· Angeli Bonilla

· Jonathan Deras Santos

· Katherine Santamaria Chaponan

· Laila Tiller

· Christopher Claros Mercado

· Jason Gonzales

· Anderson Rubio Jandres

· Khalil Sampson

· Yoselin Solorzano Hernandez

· Yeray Garcia Rodriguez

· Shaila Gonzales Garcia

· Angelina Martinez-Escobar

· Emily Perales Kuri

· Daniel Ramirez

· Walter Jurado Ramirez

· Tyler Santos

· Vincent Chavez

· Angel Diaz Martinez

· Rosa Portillo Diaz

· Jaidan Castillo

· Emery Dudley

5th Grade

· Daniel Cardenas Hernandez

· Jheslie Castro Benavides

· Rodrigo Andrade Escobar

· Jaelynn Ayala-Medrano

· Brianna Carbajal Chach

· Carlos Medina Hernandez

· Mailyn Urbina Hernandez

· Marleny Umana Martinez

· Aaron Mintesnot

· Jefferson Pineda Machado

· Julissa Romero Diaz

· Willard Robertson

· Ander Benitez-Gonzalez

· Xiomara Henriquez Henriquez

· Bryan Parada Ingles

· Emma Quinones

· Ally Quintanilla Martinez

· Nataline Romo Espinoza

· Dannia Rosales Landaverde

· Jordan Torres

· Rayquan Barnes

· Adrian Gidwani

· Aubrey Gidwani

· Lorainne Gyamfi

· Kiery Hernandez

· Justin Herrera Zepeda

· William Mairena

· Luis-Adam Roman

Hot Spots

If your family does not have internet in the home, please contact the school. We can provide a hot spot to help your family secure internet in the home.

Technology Corner

Each student has been issued a laptop computer. These devices may be brought back and forth to school each day so they are available in school and at home. We do encourage students to use Lexia at home!

If your child is bringing their laptop home, please remember to charge it overnight, and return the laptop in the black sleeve with cord back to school the next day.

If you move and will be attending another school, please return the laptop to Marumsco Hills prior to moving. Thank you!

Instructional Corner - Check Out What Our Students Are Learning This Month!


Language Arts

  • Book discussions with fiction
  • Writing and sharing stories


  • Number sense to 20


  • Pushes and pulls
  • Light and shadows

First Grade

Language Arts

  • Book Talks
  • Opinion Writing
  • Compound Words and Vowel Patterns


Unit 7 - Time and Subtraction

  • Time to the Half Hour
  • Interpreting a Calendar
  • Fact Fluency and Part-Whole Fluency for Addition and Subtraction within 10


  • Earth's Resources
  • Matter

2nd Grade

Language Arts

  • Book Clubs Unit: The students will use context clues, ask questions, make inferences, and participate in book clubs.
  • Opinion Writing: The students will work through the writing process to complete an opinion writing piece.


  • Unit 6: The students will be counting mixed coins up to $1.00, fractions (1/2, 1/4, 1/3, 1/6, 1/8 and fair shares), and telling time to five minutes


  • Habitats: The students will be able to identify the various habitats, the characteristics, and the life that lives there.

Social Studies

  • American Indians: The students will compare the lives and contributions of three American Indian cultures of the past and present, with emphasis on Powhatan, Lakota, and Pueblo Indians.

3rd Grade

Language Arts

Book Clubs: Fiction and Nonfiction

  • Compare/Contrast setting, characters, plot
  • Synonyms and Antonyms
  • Theme
  • Prefixes and Suffixes
  • Ask and Answer Questions
  • Drawing Conclusions
  • Summarizing


Place Value, Addition, Subtraction

  • Place Value of 6-digit numbers
  • Rounding
  • Addition and Subtraction of 4-digit numbers
  • Word Problems
  • Counting coins & making change
  • Patterns


  • Food chairs
  • Soil

Social Studies

  • Ancient Greece and Rome
  • Ancient China and Egypt

4th Grade

Language Arts

  • Theme
  • Summarization
  • Drawing Conclusions
  • Opinion Writing


  • Fractions
  • Probability
  • Data


  • Oceanography
  • Ecosystems

Social Studies

  • New Nation
  • Civil War

5th grade

Language Arts

  • Identifying genres
  • Differentiating between synonyms and antonyms
  • Roots and affixes
  • Author's choice reading groups
  • Begin persuasive writing (5 paragraph work, peer editing, rough draft, final copy)


  • Solve practical problems involving addition, subtraction and Multiplication of decimals (include various strategies and models)
  • Develop concept of decimal division using models with a decimal divisor
  • Practice multiplication and division of decimals; solve practical problems involving all operations


  • Identifying energy's influence on matter
  • Understanding sound energy and its characteristics
  • Application and uses of sound waves

Social Studies

  • Canada (political features, characteristics, natural resources, economic activity, population, life today)


Students are starting/continuing to work three dimensionally.

  • 5th grade is creating ceramic vessels, building a base and lid using different methods of clay building.
  • 4th and 3rd grades are starting textile building through yarn weaving.
  • 2nd and 1st grads are using paper to create sculptures and paper weaving.
  • Kindergarten is practicing building techniques using Play-doh and will be practicing the human figure through drawing, tracing, and building.


  • Kindergarten: Basic jump roping skills and begin hand volleying.
  • 1st: Basic jump roping skills and begin hand volleying.
  • 2nd: Beginner jump roping skills and begin hand volleying.
  • 3rd: Intermediate jump roping skills and begin hand volleying.
  • 4th: Advanced jump roping skills and begin hand volleying.
  • 5th: Advanced jump roping skills and begin hand volleying.


  • KG & 1st Grade: Playing songs with boomwhackers
  • 2nd & 3rd Grades: Writing and playing 4 measure songs
  • 4th & 5th Grades: Writing and playing 8 measure songs with lines, spaces, and different time signatures