Thomas Edison

Envented The Lightbulb

Childhood/Early life

Thomas Edison was born on February 11, 1847 in Milan. As a young boy he always wanted to me a scientist. He was nicknamed Al. He moved to michagan where he spent the rest of his childhood. In his childhood he wondered why the earth spunn so thats how Thomas's adventure got started.
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In the time period 1847-1931 Thomas Edison made the brilliant most awesome light bulb. The light bulb made it easier for people to see at night. The phonograph (the big black thing below) Thomas used the phonograph to record Mary had a little lamb.
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Important events

  1. Born on feb. 11, 1847
  2. 1859 sets up 1st chemestry lab
  3. 1867 begins 1st experiment
  4. 1868 files 1st pacient
  5. 1870 moved to New Jersy
  6. Oct 19, 1931 dies
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Fun Facts

  • He married Mary Stillwell
  • He used the phonograph to record songs such as:
Mary had a Little Lamb
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Charistics that reflect of of Thomas Edision

  • Responceable
  • Man
  • Hard working

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