6th Grade Technology Units

By: Nelson Smith

Typing Web

  • Typing web is a website that teaches you to improve your typing
  • In Typing Web there is 4 different levels that you can choose from; beginner, intermediate, advanced, and practice
  • Also in Typing Web you test how fast you can type and what your accuracy is


  • In iTrailer You have to chose template that you can follow such as Bollywood and Expedition
  • Also in iTrailer there is a outline and storyboard that goes along with the template that you chose
  • In addition to that you can put photos in these slots that have labels such as action which is where you should put a action and so on

Haiku Deck

  • Haiku Deck is a website where you can create presentations
  • You can create slides and on those slides you can put a picture or some text
  • You could also search up for pictures on the site instead of having to go somewhere else to get photos

Explain Everything

  • Explain Everything is a app where you create slides and present them to people
  • On the slides you can talk, draw, create text, add photos and much more
  • You can move the things around to put them where you want them

Career Locker

  • Career Locker is a website where you can search for a career that you might want to do later on in life
  • While you are on the site you can search in 4 different tabs; assessments, occupation, explore more, and planning
  • There is one more tab that is called ILP ePortfolio and in this tab you get the introduction


  • Coding is a website in which you are learning to code things to move around and do stuff
  • You have to chose from a bunch of courses in which there is 19 that we had to chose from
  • Sometimes you need to watch a video to learn what the lesson is about and what you need to do