Gender and the War in Germany

By Sarah Jarquin

A simple Explanation

The WWI was a war between allies and Germany was caught up in it having to send men off to war and women had a very important task to do jobs men did on the home front and waiting for their sons and husbands to come back. This war lasted from 1914 until 1918 ending directly on November 11th. The men going to war were protecting their country from what we say harm so citizens continued their days and the men would make that possible.

How life was for German women on the home front

After a huge number of men left of to war almost each women experienced the work place from youth to women but youth experience work differently from older women. They had to work like never before. The loss of a father or husband meant the loss of income also shortage of food came there way because of the war. women played a big part working for men and women felt slightly powerful being able to be greater than usual instead of being home they worked hard though they knew once war was over the men would have their jobs back from where they were.

What women did as jobs also their tasks

They had to make hand made comforts for soldiers by sowing and knitting them things. They were encouraged to sell their hair to war effort. Many women did factory work or indoor work in their households. Women aided men during the war also. Women died in war also having to wear gas masks if in war territory they were killed in their own home at times. A specific job i found was they worked in metal factories.


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