Visit Cairo!

Travel Back and Visit a world in the past!

Cairo's Tourism!

Cairo Egypt is home to some of the Worlds top tourist attractions like the Sphinx and the Great Pyramids. Come and get a tour of an ancient tomb or a historical pyramid. Cairo offers many private and group tours to see many of its historical beauties. A popular activity in Cairo is to get a dinner cruise along the Nile River. They serve some of Cairo's native cuisines. For a family friendly adventure go to Crazy Water Water Park, a place full of water rides and fun!!

Be sure to check out some of these places in Cairo!!

  1. Get a Tour of Alexandria
  2. Crazy Water Water Park
  3. Nile River Cruise
  4. Private tour of Giza and the Sphinx
  5. Pharohic Plays
  6. Felucca Rides
  7. Tour of The Egyptian Museum
  8. Ramses Hilton Mall

Landmarks and Historical Sights

Sights to See!

Here in Cario there are many sights to see and experience! In Cairo by the Nile river there is a wonderful museum called the Egyptian Museum full of historical artifacts and history.
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Unique Eats

Some indulge some of Cairo's Unique Eats!!

Egyptians have as many as 5 meals a day allowing you to have many opportunities to experience the native foods. A popular food is fiteer a pancake/pizza bread with toppings of your choice. Snacks include dates, veggies, dried or fresh fruits and pita bread. Kebobs, fiteer, falafel, pita bread and crackers are fan favorites in Cairo. Make sure to try these unique eats.


Going to Cairo is like traveling back in time because of all its amazing history! In the past Egyptians made large stone structures by hand, like the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx. The Stone Structures are home to tombs, tunnels, and Cairo History. If you want to experience the making of art or some art in Cairo you should go to Fagnoon Art School to learn some native art Skills

Crazy Climate

In Cairo the weather is mostly hot and dry. The average winter and summer temperatures are 13-19 degrees Celsius and 45-47 degrees Celsius. From March to April there is many sandstorms in temperatures of 19-30 degrees Celsius. May to August its very humid and hot (37 degrees Celsius) And the perfect time to go to Cairo is from September to March in the cool weather starting at 15-25 degrees Celsius.
try and plan the perfect time for your visit!!


You might be worried about not being able to speak the native language when you come to Cairo. Well stop worrying, Arabic may be the most common language spoke there but because of tourism the English language has left a mark on Cairo. This being said there is no reason at all to have second thoughts because of language

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