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What's ahead this month...

For the Mentor...

What's Coming Up in the Month of March

Your Mentor Monthly Checklist has items to make sure and cover each month. Don't forget to talk about the following this week if you haven't already:

  • Review the district PD requirements to make sure your new teacher has enough hours.
  • Assist in analyzing CBA data. How will this help them in the planning of Quarter 4?
  • Share tips on how to keep students motivated during testing time.
  • Have mentees reflect on their instructional growth over the last 7 months and develop a plan address areas of need.
  • Discuss how to incorporate small group instruction when applicable.

Have you taken a selfie with you and your new teacher that reflects Spring Break plans? Please do and send it to me!

Have a great week!

STAAR Testing Tips

For many of our new teachers, this will be the first time they will be giving STAAR. For the second-year teachers, reminders are always good. Share tips that you think will make this part of their job a little easier. Below are a few suggestions:

* On testing day, make sure and get to school a little earlier AND read email as soon as you can. Sometimes there are last-minute changes that you need to be aware of.

* Print off a copy of the schedule to have handy. If you are testing, you can't have access to your phone or computer; if you're relieving, you'll want to keep this information handy when you're in a testing room.

* If you are reliever, do your best to be on time to each assignment. This is the only break teachers get in the morning, and they'll be looking for you.

* Plan something for your students to do in the afternoon, even if it's easy. "Free time" makes management difficult for even the most veteran teachers.


Edline Resources

Don't forget there are lots of resources on the mentor website. If you need help with a specific issue, head there for help. Or ask me, and I can find it for you.

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