by emily haxton

state tree song and bird

connecticut has meny resuns to visit.thar state tree is the grat charter oak.gess how liks to perth on that tree the american a grat coss for my tipe ove bird.wiel some lokc and lison for the bird some sing thar state song the yankee doodle.


have you ever thot hae I wunder haw meny pepol thar are in connecticut?I kowe the anser it is 3,574,097 I now thats a lot but it's trow.
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nickname maer and mger producers.

the land of steady habits waer is that you say well it is connecticut the nickname.naw hose the presidint danne p,malloya fine man he is trusdwerte and thans to him thae are mager prodosers of oil yes oil .

bordering stats and plsis to visit

if you dont live in connecticut if you live in ene of thes stats it will be a ese driv to connedcut ohio, westvirginia,virginia,tenessee,missourl,lilinols,indiana.forst of wiy are you visiting some famis siets sukc as the beardsley zoo or the gillette castle state park.

state flower

do you kowe haw I saed the state tree song and bird thars a stat flower it is cold the kalmia latifolia it is a beudifol.

climate for connecticut all yer

if you are going to visit connecticut you wunt to go at the riet time yes.and you have to kowe the spering it is worm but rany in the sumer it is is hot and deriy in the foll it is cily and a little moest if you likc the cold you wod love the winter it is plan coldsnowy and icy.

prite smart and famis

Allison willians wuns stard in a show as peter pan in a mosikol.she wus wokcd by moer than 9,000,000 peppol in a adeons.she wus born on apprl 13 1988 she wus born at hartford cuneticut.she osow went to colig at yale unuvrsude and became a telovishun atris.

wiy I would visit this state

1 it fels good to see somplas diferint.

2 its grat to met now peppl and frens.

3 it is a grat stat to viset.