The Rainforest Foundation

Implementing Protection of the Rainforest

What We Are All About

The Rainforest Foundation was founded back in 1989 by famous musician Sting and actress Trudie Styler who is married to Sting. The couple saw the destruction of the Amazon rain forest and its effect on the indigenous people who used the rain forest as their home. The Foundation started with the primary mission of protecting the Kayapo people of Brazil from losing their rain forest home. But over the years the program has expanded and now the foundation works in 20 countries worldwide and has saved 28 million acres of forest!

How Can YOU Get Involved

There are many ways that you can help this good cause. One of them being that you can donate money on our website or by mail to the address below. Another way you can help is by volunteering to our program or interning at US-RF. You can also funraise to get involved. Lastly, you can participate in our Rock for the Rainforest campain or join us at our Global Festival on September 29th in New York City's Central Park.

Rainforest Foundation

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