Breast Feeding Breakfast Club

Tuesday's 9-12 @BirthWise, Derech HaSharon 46א, Beit Itzhak

Come and join our warm and welcoming breast feeding support group

Are you experiencing discomfort or difficulties breastfeeding? Do you want hands on help from expert lactation consultants who are also experienced mothers of breast fed babies? Please join us at our friendly, warm and welcoming Breast Feeding Support Breakfast Club. You will receive expert tuition, guidance and help to suit your particular needs and help you and your baby achieve the wonderful, health giving, bonding and enjoyable experience breastfeeding is meant to be for both Mother and her infant.

Come and meet our BCCI qualified Lactation consultant

Karianna Glynn Sela

A highly qualified midwife who practiced in the UK and France for over 20 years and now offers private birthing support, doula, pre natal and post natal counselling and care as well as lactation consultancy. Kari is also mother to Noa whom she breastfed for 3 years.

Guaranteed to be relaxing, fun and informative!

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