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Week 27 Update: March 14 - March 18th


Hi Families,

Hi Families,
This week was Safety Week at Greenbriar. We had a lock down drill and a severe weather drill. The students did a wonderful job of staying quiet and moving quickly to where they needed to go.

Mrs. Able sent the PARCC testing schedule via the lit serv. We will be starting these tests on the Monday that we return from Spring Break. In case you did not check that yet, it is as follows:
Monday, April 4th: 1:45-3:00
Tuesday, April 5th: 10:10-11:50 and 1:45-3:00
Wednesday, April 6th: 10:10-11:50 and 1:45-3:00
Thursday, April 7th: 10:10-11:50 and 1:45-3:00

Please note that the state requires each student to take all of the tests. If your child is absent for any reason, s/he will need to make up the test upon return.

Since we do not have school next Friday (Good Friday), we will NOT be introducing new Spelling and Vocabulary words.

Have a great weekend,

Ms. Collins


This week in Math, aside from celebrating Pi day, the students learned about coordinates, planes, and graphs. They learned how to plot points on a graph and were able to uncover the secret images by plotting points. They also interpreted their data from class surveys to create double bar graphs on the computer. Students loved being able to see the graphs form based on their collected numbers.

Next week, we will take each of these concepts to the next level and learn how to graph an equation. We will plan to take our Chapter 11 test on Wednesday and then have a fun day on Thursday!

Supports for Students - D28 Family Math Connections

Click here to access the math links.

Reader's Workshop

This week students continued their book club meetings. Most of them finished and found that they liked the motivation of needing to read their book in order to be able to participate in the group. They were excited to add one more book to their reading log and are one book closer to their 40 book goal. Ask your student how many books they've read!

Students also learned the first sign post for nonfiction reading. They found that nonfiction authors use signposts and signal words to let us know that something is changing, challenging, or confirming our thinking. We read about Planet 9 and a girl named Ghana who lives in Peshawar, Pakistan. They were able to make comparisons, and find contrasts to their own lives.

Writer's Workshop

Students created leprechauns that they plan to "catch" in their writing. They had the choice to come up with a creative story about how they caught their leprechaun, what they plan to do with their leprechaun, or why it needed to be caught. Look for these to come home next week!
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Have you heard about the R.A.F.T. project? (Role, Audience, Format, Topic) This is a project that they could choose to work on independently or with a partner. We have worked in class for two days and will have a little bit of class time on Monday, but some work may need to be done at home. They will present their project on Wednesday, March 23rd.

Ask your Student about:

* Our drills this week

* Participating in a book club

* Spirit Day

* Socks for Love

Things to come:

  • Thursday, March 24th
  • Report Cards Distributed

  • Friday, March 25th
  • No School- Good Friday
  • Spring Recess Begins

  • Monday, March 28th - Friday, April 1st
  • No School- Spring Recess

  • Monday, April 4th
  • School Resumes