Decomposition Calcium Carbonate

CaCO3--- CaO+CO2

Calcium Carbonate Equilibrium

At temperatures above 550 °C the equilibrium CO2 pressure begins to exceed the CO2pressure in air. So above 550 °C, calcium carbonate begins to outgas CO2 into air. However, in a charcoal fired kiln, the concentration of CO2 will be much higher than it is in air. Indeed if all the oxygen in the kiln is consumed in the fire, then the partial pressure of CO2 in the kiln can be as high as 20 kPa

Equilibrium in the Community

In the community Calcium Carbonate is used for pills and also it can be put in water to treat the Water, Calcium Carbonate can be used to treat oil and water.
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Reacting Mass: Series 4 - CaCO3(s) -- CaO(s) + CO2(g).


When heated, calcium carbonate decomposes according to the equation above

Thermal Decomposition

Thermal decomposition

Metal carbonates such as calcium carbonate break down when heated strongly. This is called thermal decomposition. Here are the equations for the thermal decomposition of calcium carbonate:

calcium carbonate calcium oxide + carbon dioxide

CaCO3 CaO + CO2