American Civil War

Was the War Inevitable?



  1. Slavery- Should slavery be allowed?
  2. States Rights-

Precursor Events

The Missouri Compromise (1820)

The Wilmot Proviso (1846)

The Fugitive Slave Act (1850)

“Uncle Tom’s Cabin” (1852)

The Kansas-Nebraska Act (1854) Election of 1856 “Bleeding Kansas” (1856)

Dred Scott Ruling (1857)

The Lincoln-Douglass Debate (1858)

The Raid on Harper's Ferry (1859)

Election of 1860

All of these events led up to the American Civil War. If "Uncle Tom's Cabin" hadn't been published it could have delayed the start of the American Civil War or even prevented it.


Arms & Army

The Union had the advantage since they had more immigrants from Ireland and Germany. They also had the advantage due to the large amount of factories in the North, also most of the train tracks were in the north.

Resources & Technology

The North had many telegram lines which made it easier to transport messages. The North had many trains making transportation easy.


The North didnt have any or ask for any help.

The South had asked Great Britain and France for help during the war, they were turned down.

The Arts

The art of this time helped people see what Americans were sacrificing for the United States of America. The Art had also shown what the soldiers had seen and endured throughout the war.