Lemonade War

By: Jacqeline Davies

Over View of the Book

Evan just started his summer break off ok. He is going into 4th grade. His little sister is going into 3rd grade, well, it's what they think. Jessie is actually skipping a grade and is going into 4th grade with Evan! They really do not like eachother, and they always fight. Now, Evan can't take it, and wants to have a war with Jessie, a lemonade war. Jessie is ok with it. They will have a lemonade stand of their own, and the winner is the one with the most money!


Like I said, Evan is going into 4th grade. He is happy until they get a letter that his little sister is skipping a grade and is going into 4th with him. Evan does not want anything to do with Jessie, and tries to avoid her, but the problem is, she wants to be with him and his friends! Read this book to figure out more!


Who will win the War?


Jessie is very, very smart. Although she is younger than Evan, she is still smarter than him. Evan is really embarrassed because if he needs help with a question and asks his friends or family, Jessie is always there to tell him the right answer, Evan does not like that. Jessie has a very create personality, but she also uses people! Please read this book! You will not regret it! :-)

Thank You So Much!