The False Prince

Welcome to Carthya

Hi im Sage and Welcome to Carthya. This land is different from yours one thing you must know first is you must respect Connor. Connor is the head of everything around here. He is trying to train one of us to be the false prince of Carthya since prince Jaron died in sea but was never found. I don't really like it here because Connor thinks he owns me and he always taking away my personal things from my old life that I want. He thinks it keeps me distracted but I think it will keep me going. If you want to survive here in Carthya be brave and strong and always stand your ground. So, welcome to Carthya.

Getting into the groove

1. Tobia's group

2. Mott's group

3. Roden's group

4. Connor's group

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Why I picked these Topics

I picked these topics because if you were living in Carthya in the time that this book took place these are some things you would need to know. For example, You would need to know who to avoid if you are coming to Carthya because if you ever see these people you know that you shouldn't go close to them because I have struggled with all of these people and if you are coming the Carthya I don't want you to have to go through the same thing I did.

One More thing you should know (A Note From Sage)

Hey before you go I have one more thing to tell you if you ever see me in Carthya make sure to say hi and tell me what you have learned from this because by now Connor will be my servant and I will be the False Prince.


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