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Welcome back to school Anglo Family

We're back! We have been delighted with the response from students, staff and parents alike. The staff have been well-prepared, the students have been well-disciplined and the parents have, no doubt, been relieved. We're grateful for the messages of support and encouragement received from parents during the course of last week. This meant a great deal to staff.

The new routines and protective measures have worked well although we continue to refine them in the light of experience. Each year group has access to at least one catering outlet, their own social designated social space, a designated toilet block and have been issued with a coloured shield to wear on their lapel so that staff can easily check that they are in the right bubble and area. Many of you will have seen us featured on BBC Look East, both last week and this, in programmes that focused on the preparations we were making for the return and , in a follow up article, the impact of those preparations on staff and students, particularly those returning to examination years.

One issue that has taken some consideration has been the matter of face masks. We took the decision many months ago to allow students and staff to wear masks if they chose to do so. It is a matter of personal choice and has not been made mandatory. Although we have explained this previously, as part of our risk assessment, we do need to reiterate that we do not expect masks to be worn in classrooms, as government guidance states, but there will exceptions to this rule and those students and staff who continue to choose to do so, have good reason and should not be challenged. They can also be worn in communal areas such as corridors and playgrounds. They will be challenged however, if they are not wearing them safely, such as having them hanging on their chins, or are wearing masks which are not plain pale blue, navy blue, black or white, as stipulated. Please support students adhere to these rules so that staff do not need to take learning time to challenge students unnecessarily.

One other issue we have had to deal with is the increase use of cars to get students to and from school. We understand why this has happened, given the risks associated with public transport. However, we hope parents realise that the school is accessed via two cul-de-sacs and that the school community numbers some 1,700 people in a village of 4,000. We have issued further advice regarding alternative drop off points in the village. Staff and students need to be able to access the site safely without traffic congestion and cars parked on pavements.

We await guidance on what next year's exams will look like. However, reuniting the Anglo family safely and re-focusing our students on their learning has been our priority and will continue to be so in the coming weeks. We have decided to continue with our weekly bulletin to help us communicate effectively with you and we look forward to sharing news with you in the coming weeks. We will also be engaging parents in on-line parent Forums and on-line questionnaires to gauge your feedback and any concerns. In the meantime, any immediate issues should be addressed to where the most appropriate person will be directed to respond to you.

We wish you all a safe and successful start to the school term,

Mrs J Gee/Mr D Barrs


Social Distancing and safe behaviour beyond the school gate

Whilst our students are being very good at social distancing from adults and respecting their Year group "bubbles" on school site, we have been made aware this is not always the case in the village. Please reinforce, at home, the need to observe social distancing and wearing masks on trains, buses and shops. Members of the public have commented on a few particular issues which need further reinforcement with a minority of students:-

1) At the station: Student should not congregate in mixed groups in the station carpark. Please remind students they should stay with members of their own year group/siblings and move without delay to the school grounds where they should not congregate at the front of school but move straight to their designated areas and tutor bases.

2) On the High Street: We have asked that students do not use the shops in Ingatestone. The managers of the main two supermarkets cannot manage social distancing with the numbers of students who normally use these shops and have asked that students do not enter local shops. Our senior staff are on duty in the village and have had to speak to a number of students who are not respecting this rule. Our food outlets are open before and after school and, if students are hungry, they should use these facilities.

3) Face Masks on Public Transport: Our students are doing well here, we have had very positive feedback. Very few have had to be reminded about this, but please ensure all those travelling on buses and trains have face coverings and are using them appropriately and safely.

4) Early Birds: We appreciate that some parents are sending students into school earlier to avoid the rush hour traffic. Whilst we are happy for students to be on site from 8.00am, they must be supervised at Study Club in the Library or using our food outlets. The gates are open to all at 8.40am and students will be moved on to their tutor bases on arrival. They cannot congregate outside school or on the playground.

5) Parents: Please do not come onto school site: Whilst we normally encourage parents to come and talk to us directly about issues arising, it is essential that this is done remotely, by e-mail or on telephone. Please do not turn up at reception unless you have been given a prior appointment. If you do arrive at school, a member of staff will meet you at the visitors' gate to prevent any adults entering the school site unnecessarily.

Whilst the staff at Anglo are working very hard to enforce new rules and routines, it is essential that students self-regulate their behaviour too, particularly in the village and whilst travelling where our staff are not there to remind them of the importance of this.

One resident said that she was very impressed with our visible presence in the village and the behaviour of the students since they had come back.

Well done Anglo!

Thank you, in advance, for your support on these matters.

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Message from Mr Newton, Director of Sixth Form

I'd like to extend a warm welcome to our new Lower Sixth students, especially those who have joined us from other schools locally or from overseas. It was also good to see the Upper Sixth students back in school as well, after a difficult few months at the end of last year.

Whilst the next few weeks may be a bit more challenging than usual as we get used to the new ways of working in the Sixth Form, I really would like to re-emphasise my message from our first assembly: that your happiness and well-being are our prime concern as we restart the term. I would strongly encourage you to speak to us if there is anything that worries you which could affect your studies.

Lower Sixth students have started the term well and have taken on board our message about using their time outside of lessons as effectively as possible. Meanwhile, the Upper Sixth are being encouraged to make sure that they speak to their teachers about those areas of their studies covered during lockdown that may need some further clarification before the PPEs commence on the 14th of September. I wish all of you a successful term and year ahead, and thank you for your support in working with us to try and make the Sixth Form environment the friendly and safe place it always has been, which is a key ingredient in the success of our students.


10th September: Individual portraits will be taken of Year 7 and Lower Sixth students (and also a number of students who have not previously had their photograph taken).

Free School Meals Sign Up

After such an uncertain economic time, please take full advantage of the provisions that are available. Please contact our finance team to check your eligibility for free school meals and request an application:

Calling all Native Speakers!

If you are wanting to do an early GCSE in your native language (and you are not currently in a timetabled class for that language) please contact the relevant Head of Subject:

Mr Wang for Chinese

Miss Gallet for French

Mr Kendal for German

or Mrs Latimer for Spanish and any other languages/queries

Duke of Edinburgh

During lockdown Anglo students kept busy working towards their Bronze award, rising to the challenges of COVID-19, playing their part in their communities and helping those who need their support.

They had to be flexible and resilient. Some students changed their volunteering placements from an animal sanctuary, a church or after school club to doing shopping for an elderly person who was shielding, walking a dog for a neighbour and helping their siblings with their homework. Where swimming, martial arts, rugby or football were the chosen activities to complete the physical section, the students promptly swapped them for cycling, YouTube fitness channels and family activities in local parks.

The stars of the cohort are Oskar Powell and Edward Sparrow for their focus and determination that enabled them to complete the 3 sections before returning to school.

All students that complete their volunteering, physical and skill sections, for this year only, will receive a new accolade: The 2020 DofE Certificate of Achievement – a formal recognition, by the DofE, of their dedication, resilience and accomplishments in these extraordinary circumstances.

Mrs Mcdermott

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Congratulations to siblings Maya and Taran Sidhu for passing their Taekwondo Black Belt Grading. Could these two follow in the footsteps of Jade Jones (British Olympic Gold Medal Winner)?

TERM DATES 2020/2021

Autumn Term

Wednesday 2nd September to Friday 18th December 2020

Half term Monday 26th—Friday 30th October 2020

Friday 25th September 2020 (non-pupil day)

Thursday 26th November 2020 (non-pupil day)

Spring Term

Monday 4th January to Friday 26th March 2021

Half term: Monday 15th February to Friday 19th February 2021

Summer Term

Monday 12th April to Friday 16th July 2021

Half term: Monday 31st May to Friday 4th June 2021