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The Quartering Act

Why should we be forced to let the British soldiers into our households?

The British have just passed a law that any of the British soldiers can march into our homes and demand anything they desire, clothes, food, shelter, and money. Don't let the British take away your rights because before you know it, they could be demanding more than simple items...

Don't Let 1765 Be the Year Our Rights Get Stolen

Join the Fight, Become A Patriot

Colonists Income Decrease

Whenever the solider's came into the homes of the american colonists they were forced to give them things that they had already paid for, therefore the solider's were stealing money from the colonist leaving them with little amounts for themselves.

How Do We Plan to Protest?

The British are charging into our homes threatening us to let them in, how do we stop this if they have weapons you ask? Well one way of protest is to have all the colonists hide in one certain area that way when the solider's look to them for supplies they won't be granted any. To help in this plan you must become a patriot! By becoming a patriot we can use everyones ideas to get back at the British. But we cant do it alone. For more information use the sites listed below. (by participating in this prtest we hope that the solider's will give up on looking for supplies and leave before they find the colonists in hiding.

However by participating in the protest the British could become very angry at our actions and shoot us all on the spot. Or they could rob all of our houses leaving us left with nothing.