The Feral Cat

I have one ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) By Ashton Cowley

When Did The Feral Cat Come To Australia?

The feral cat was brought in to Australia in 1838 by the British. They later became highly overpopulated. They have put poison traps around the place but the Feral Cats are a fast reproducing species.

How Did The Feral Cat Come To Australia?

They were brought to Australia on a ship along with other species too. They had a species of rabbits with them, surprisingly because cats eat rabbits.

Why Did The Feral Cat Get Introduced To Australia?

Some of the feral cats were brought to keep the overpopulating rabbits from going out of control. Others were accidentally introduced by the Dutch in a ship crash and the rest were introduced as pets for the British civilians.

Facts About The Feral Cat

They have caused the extinction of many species, including native ones. They kill over 20 billion native animals a year. There are around 18 million in Australia. Feral cats threaten the survival of over 100 native species in Australia. They carry infectious diseases that can spread to humans.

Where Did The Feral Cat Species Start?

The feral cats were first discovered in Europe. They were living in groups hunting and then were used for pets and overpopulating species controlling.

What Impact Did The Introduction of The Feral Cat Have on The Land?

The Feral Cat was a species that destroyed other species. They are an animal species that kills for food and sometimes for fun. Many ground species and birds species were caused to be extinct which made other animals have no food supply.

What Impact Did The Introduction of The Feral Cat Have on The Animals?

The Feral Cat killed and killed species, wiping them out. They caused the plight of many bird species including the Townsend's Shearwater, Socorro Dove and Marquesan Ground Dove.

What Impact Did The Introduction of The Feral Cat Have on The Aboriginals?

The Feral Cat effected the Aboriginals by destroying food sources. They caused species to become extinct which caused a chain reaction. Other species then lost their food supplies and died causing the Aboriginals not to have those animals to feast on.

My Cat!

My cat is an Abyssinian Tabby. It is named after Abyssinia (now called Ethiopia) the country from which it was first thought to have originated; more recent research now places its origins somewhere near the Egyptian coast. The Abyssinian has since become one of the most popular breeds of short hair cat in the USA. My cat thinks she is a god at my house. She pretends like she owns the place. But my dog and my cat get along. That's my cat (down)

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