Zombie Apocalypse

Survival Guide

1. Rocky Mountains

Description : It is younger and taller than the Appalachian Mountains. It is rugged and pointy. It also contains the continental divide.

Rate : 7

Explanation : When there is a zombie apocalypse you should go to a tall place and hide there. The Rocky Mountains is a good place to hide from zombies. Zombies can't reach you in a tall place like the Rocky Mountains. You will most likely survive in the Rocky Mountains.

2. Great Plains

Description : The Great Plains is a flat piece of land. It is a common area for tornadoes. It is also known for dry grasslands.

Rate : 2

Explanation : The Great Plains is not a good place to go during a zombie outbreak. The zombies can run faster on a flat surface. Zombies can run fast on land so you might not survive the zombies. If you want to go to the Great Plains you should be prepared to protect yourself from zombies.

3. Canadian Shield

Description : It has hills worn by erosion hundreds of lakes. It is carved by melted glaciers. It has some of the oldest rock formation in North America.

Rate : 5

Explanation : The Canadian Shield has hundreds of lakes. If you go to a lake then the zombies will come after you. Zombies can swim in water even though they have no brains. Some can even go underwater and sink you and you can die. It is better to go on the land. But there is still a chance that a zombie can get you.

States and cities that are safe to go to during a zombie apocalypse :

Rocky Mountains : Salt Lake City, Utah Since Utah is in the Rocky Mountains you can travel to a mountain.

Great Plains : Denver, Colorado In the Great Plains it is dangerous so you have to go to a place where there is protection.

Canadian Shield : Grand Rapids, Michigan In the Grand Rapids, Michigan there will be lakes and rivers so zombies can still go after you. Be sure to not let the zombies get you.

Supplies :





First Aid Kit


Multipurpose tools


Cell phone with charger

Extra cash

Emergency blanket

Extra clothes

Sleeping bags (for each person)

Map(s) of the area

Family Infor