By Brenda Pizano

What you need to know to become a doctor

To become a Doctor you need to like it and registered for being a nurse it can help you a lot by knowing the steps of it many of the things you need is to become great at it and get other people to like it. you also need to have Experience.

Basic information

Being a Doctor can be really hard at times you can be emotional cause you can have patients and heartbroken family members

Daily Tasks and Responsibilities

The responsibilities a Doctor can have is trying to work a lot and having to come in time and having emergency situation with the patients
you can go talk with someone that knows about it or one that has training requirements for you. you can also go to a medical school so you can know more about being a doctor

After High School

I wanna go to college and study for doctor and learn more about it

here is a link that gives details and talks about being a doctor