Exhibition Reflection

Mia A. Haydon

In my group is: Sophia & Vibha

Please check out their flyers. To do that click down below!!!!

Week 1 (19-23)/04/2014

We were introduced to the exhibition on Sunday. We didn't do much on the exhibition because we were deciding our themes and we also haven't been introduced to our group.

Week 2 (26-30)/04/2015

Week 1 was a bit hard because it was our first week and we had to finish lots of jobs. After we get a bit organized hopefully the work will run a bit smoother. We had to find our mentor to book meetings but we still haven't had our first meeting yet. We finished our essential agreements and some other sheets.

Week 3 (03-07)/05/2015

Week 2 was a bit easier but we missed our first mentor meeting. Luckily we rescheduled another one next week, so on week 4 we will have 2 mentor meetings. I have finished the form question and have made a fish bone scale for the causation question. I and finding the function question really hard and extremely slow to finish for some reason.

Week 4 (10-14)/05/2015

It is so frustrating because I still haven'y finished my function question but I am getting closer to finishing it. I typed up my form question and the first bit of my function question. We had had 3 mentor meeting and we also decided on our big action. We are planning to make a 15 minute fitness circuit for the grade 2 but we need to find a time in the gym.

Week 5 (17-21)/05/2015

I finally finished my function question. Sophia came back to and did the causation and another form question. But her causation question was just a diagram and her form was some billet points. So I used Sophia's diagram and did the causation question by my self. We also caught p to 5 mentor meetings. Vibha finished her perspective/connection question.

Week 6 (24-28)/05/2015

On Sunday we missed our mentor meeting because our mentor's assistant was absent. So we had to rechedual it to Wednesday. We finished all our key concept questions except the extra form question the Sophia did. She still needs to type that one up. Now we have finished every thing we need to do so we don't exactly know what to do so we are waiting For our next mentor meeting so we can ask her what else could be done. We did our action with grade 1A on Sunday and it went well. Next Sunday our mento migh take pictures or videos.

Week 7 (31-4)/05/2015