steam engine

this machine was made in 1705

steam engine

The steam engine was the application of a series of studies on the atmospheric pressure . James Watt is considered its inventor, this was patented in 1765. The operation was simple : the vapor produced by heating the water rises by a cylinder . The expansion of the steam drives a piston rod sets in motion a spinning wheel .

The application of steam to means of locomotion in the first industrial revolution allowed the invention of the steamboat and the locomotive, later during the second industrial revolution gets applied to the car.The transport of people and goods became cheaper and faster , enabling international trade and migration . For this reason we speak of revolution of transport .....

The steamboat was driven by a paddle wheel was driven by a steam engine . In a first step only applied to inland navigation but later the boat was improved : the propeller replaced the paddle wheel and instead of wood, iron ships built.

Sixteen hundred years after the ancient Greek scientist first made mention of the untapped power of steam, the technology would become the hero and the engine that drove the Industrial Revolution.


Appropriately the first use of steam power in oil well drilling in America was by Edwin L. Drake in his famous 1859 well near Titusville. Drake and his driller, Billy Smith, installed a 6 HP Long John engine and a stationary boiler in what became the engine house of the Drake cable-tool drilling operation. The engine is thought to have been made by the Erie City Iron Works, Erie, Pennsylvania. It cost $500.00 at the factory according to an August 16, 1858, letter by Drake.