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If you have unwanted gold, why not sell it for cash? We all know how valuable gold is, and your pieces don’t need to be fully intact to bring you some serious cash. Every single day people sell their unwanted gold and put cash in their hands, and so can you. Use the money to pay a bill, to buy yourself something nice, or even to getaway for a short spell. The possibilities are endless! But before you rush out to sell gold in Indiana, make sure that you choose the right buyer. There are endless people ready with cash and willing to buy your gold, but you might not feel as accomplished as you should if you sell to the wrong buyer.

Throughout the state you’ll see those ‘We Buy Gold’ signs plastered on signs and billboards. You can call one of these guys, but before you do, make sure that you know that they’re going to offer you the lowest amount for your gold. They’re out to maximize their profit, and generally aren’t afraid to show it in the price they offer. Pawn Shops are another option for selling your unwanted gold, but just as the gold buyers are oftentimes ruthless, so are pawn shops. They want to make money, and their offering for your precious metals is less than attractive for what you have to offer. If you want, you can always ask friends and family if they’d like to buy your gold, but chances are, unless it is full pieces of jewelry, they’ll have no interest in what you offer. Online jewelry buyers are also out there, but there are a lot of disadvantages that come with selling online. It is much safer to conduct this transaction in person.

One of the best places to sell gold in Indiana is Alerts Diamond Jewelers. While this is a jewelry store carrying an exquisite line of awesome pieces for every occasion, they also purchase your unwanted gold, paying top dollar for each piece that you bring in. Albert’s has been ranked the #1 place to sell gold in Chicago for 21 years in a row. Really, do you think you could find a better place? Albert’s will evaluate the pieces that you bring in, offering you a fair price for what you offer. The process of selling your gold is easy with Albert’s, and you’ll enjoy professionalism each and every time you visit the store to sell!