VCR Lesson 7 Presentation

Patricia Faucher

Fill in the Blank

The student- body presidential candidate stated that when she is elected, she will create a ___________ limit on the number of shamrocks a student may wear on St. Patrick's Day.

The Word

Sumptuary (adj.)

1. Pertaining to or regulating expenditure, often for religious or moral reasons, usually relating to clothing or food.

2. relating to personal expenditures and especially to prevent extravagance and luxury.

3. designed to regulate extravagant expenditures or habits especially on moral or religious grounds. (sumptuary laws)

note: you will most likely see this word in historical documents. It is not used very often today because it is confusingly similar to the word Sumptuous. Sumptuous holds the opposite meaning

  • Sumptuous- lavish; splendid and expensive


SUMO, SUMERE, SUMPSI, SUMPTUM (L.) "to take," "to obtain"

SUMO- "to take"

SUMPTUS- "cost"

so you are taking the cost and limiting it


  • restrictive
  • limited


  • nonrestrictive

choose the letter in the sentence in which the bold-faced letter is used incorrectly

A. The English Sumptuary Law of 1363 stated that all women were to dress according to their father or husbands social standing.

B. The Catholic Religions Sumptuary Regulations state that during Lent you should not eat meat on Fridays.

C. After the wedding, the couple had a sumptuary all you can eat buffet for the guests.

D. While at business dinners, companies often put in place sumptuary regulations which state that you cannot spend more than a certain amount of money.

C. Since the buffet is all you can eat, the guests are not limited on the amount of food they can eat. A better word would be sumptuous.