By Andy Lee


Some people may not believe it, but diet plays a major role in your health. How you eat, when you eat, and how much you eat all affect weight gain/loss and whether or not your organs will be healthy.

Recipes to Stay Healthy

Keeping Fit

Another way to keep healthy is to work your heart/muscles. Staying strong and running can keep your heart rate up and burn calories trimming away your fat. However, working out everyday may be detrimental, especially if you're a beginner so always research what kind of workout you're doing and how often you should before starting.

Current Event 1

Many times, people who believe they are disabled do not think they are/should work out. Of course, you are more susceptible to injuries, but it definitely does not mean you should not strive towards healthiness. The people in this article contacted Ned Norton, a fitness gym owner, and asked his help to grow stronger although they may be in a wheelchair, have down-syndrome, spinal injuries, or cerebral palsy.

Current Event 2

Nowadays, many teenagers are staying up later and later. Whether it be cause of sports, homework, video games, or just because, a scaring amount of students do not get the recommended 9-10 hours of sleep every night. A big reason students don't get all of the sleep they need is also due to the school start time. When schools start relativity early ranging from 8:15 to 7:15, students have to get up even earlier to prepare for school. Although some people argue that students should go to sleep earlier, sometimes it is just not possible with the amount of extracurriculars, homework, and studying a student may have.

Current Event 3

E-cigarettes are now more prevalent than ever before. Although some don't contain nicotine or pot, many do and they are portable so kids are bringing them to school. However, many children do not realize that these things are not 100% trustworthy and they may contain hidden risks. 40 states have E-cigs banned to minors but 10 states still allow the sale of these e-cigs to minors. Although these may benefit adults who are trying to quit regular cigarettes, I don't believe they help young teenagers.