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Collections & Resources

There are currently 79653 resources in the Junior School Library catalogue.

The JS Library has currently 587 student borrowers. In 2014 students borrowed 31237 resources over the year (solely from the Junior Library, not including readers and other support materials). This is an average of 53.2 resources per student over the year. This has increased since last year (­­­­44 resources/student = 593).

Using the figures for the collections that students have access to 15645 resources were borrowing from the JS Library.

There are ­­­­39 parents that have a library borrowing rights and usage.

The LMS report identified 30 324 resources were borrowed including renewals for the year.

Each year level group has loan restrictions based on Year Level but were able to borrow as soon as resources were returned (before, during and after school).

The JS Library was also open for borrowing over the school holidays in Term Two and Three this year.