Anne Frank

By Anna Pickard

Family tree

Anne's parents were Otto(dad) and Edith(mom) Frank married in Frankfort in May 12 1925

Anne's sister is Margot Betti she was born on February 16th 1926

*they move to a diverse neighborhood- different religions*

Anne Marie was born three years later on June 12 1929

For the first 2 years after the move they lived with Otto’s mother for 2 years

Moving to the Netherlands

When Hitler is elected in 1933 the Franks move out of Germany. Otto Frank finds a business in Amsterdam Netherlands where the entire family starts to learn Dutch. Anne was in kindergarten at the time while her older sister was in 3d grade. Anne, goes to a Montessori school and blooms. The kids on her street are of all ethnicity and they feel accepted there.
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Otto's buisness

Otto had created a business is called ‘Opekta’ he sells bonding agents for jams and pectin but later joins with other businessmen to sell meat seasonings, since jam is only seasonal. When his family goes into hiding he asks four of his employees to help supply him and his family and they all happily oblige.
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The Night of Broken Glass

One of the First Nazi acts of violence was the night of broken glass on November 9th 1938. Synagogues were burned and hundreds of Jews were taken to camps from their once tranquil home in Germany. This was the night Anne's two uncles, Julius and Walter Hollander (mothers side) were also taken to stay in the camps. These men were lucky though, Julius had fought for Germany in WW1 and was immediately released, where as Walter had to stay less than a month until December 1 as long as he left Germany Permanently.

Trying to cope

Edith's mother arranges to live in Amsterdam of March 1939 to live farther away from the Germans and closer to family. It doesnt say however where she ends up or her story. Her son's and Edith's brothers find new ways to cope from the catastrophe as well. Julius sets up a visa to the United States with the help of a friend. His brother Walter finds a camp in Amsterdam for Jewish refugees and lives there until he finds a visa as well.

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Things start to add up

On May 15th 1940 Germans attack on the Netherlands. After only 4 days of fighting the Germans drop a bomb in their capital (amsterdam) and the Netherlands surrender.

Later in July 1942 Anne gets her report card. She's failing algebra, but is fairly content everything else is fine. What is yet to come in the mail shows much worse information. At 3:00 the mail man comes brings a call up sheet for Anne's sister Margot to join a Nazi camp back in Germany. If the family regrets the sheet they all get arrested. This forces the family to go into hiding earlier.

The family goes into hiding the next day after the letter on a raining morning early July 4th (instead of July 16th). This hiding place was an annex behind Otto's office building he had since changed the name to 'Gies & Co.' since Jewish names weren't permitted.

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“Our freedom was severely restricted by a series of anti-Jewish decrees: Jews were required to wear a yellow star; Jews were required to turn in their bicycles; Jews were forbidden to use trams; Jews were forbidden to ride in cars, even their own; Jews were required to do their shopping between 3:00 and 5:00 P.M.; Jews were required to frequent only Jewish-owned barbershops and beauty parlors; Jews were forbidden to be out on the streets between 8:00 P.M. and 6:00 A.M.; Jews were forbidden to attend theaters, movies or any other forms of entertainment; Jews were forbidden to use swimming pools, tennis courts, hockey fields or any other athletic fields; Jews were forbidden to go rowing; Jews were forbidden to take part in any athletic activity in public; Jews were forbidden to sit in their gardens or those of their friends after 8:00 P.M.; Jews were forbidden to visit Christians in their homes; Jews were required to attend Jewish schools, etc.”-Ann’s diary entry

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The Hiding spot

Working with his four wonderful co workers the family got supply and emotional support from the team. They stayed quite through out the day with the curtains drawn, while the office was still in use and quieter through the night. Later another family joined them in this small space just big enough for 2 families. The family that moved in were the Van Peles's, Hermann the father, Auguste the wife, and their son Peter.

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The Van Peles's and Fritz Pfeffer

The Van Peles's bedroom served as a common room and dinning room. Their son Peter's room was quoted from Anne's Diary "...very small, very dark and damp."

Then Mr. Pfeffer a friend of both Otto and the Van Peles's family moves in and becomes room mates with Anne, while Margot moves into the bedroom with her parents.

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Quotes from Otto

“Because so many of my German countryman were turning into hordes of nationalistic, cruel, anti semiticcriminals, I had to face the consequences, and though this did hurt me deeply, I realized that Germany was not the world and I left my country forever.”


After two years in the annex the tight family is given away. First they are taken to Westerbork concentration camp on August 4th 1944.
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The families are then moved to Auschwitz, The men and wemon are divided up and are given labor intensive jobs.

Brief Summery

After Anne and her sister Margot were transferred they were put in tents because the barracks were too full. The tents were then destroyed through a storm three days later. From then they were moved to the Barracks and forced to find room. Since then they met Mrs. Van Pele from a train. They reunited until Mrs Auguste was moved to a different camp again. Through this journey of transferring camps she was killed. The daughters later died of typhus just weeks before the camp was liberated, and Otto was the only remaining annexed member left to survive.