What have we been up to?

Reading: Students have finished learning about how to identify main idea and details to support those main ideas. We are now working on how to use those main ideas to create summaries of passages. In addition, we are learning about the three reasons why author’s write: to inform, to persuade and to entertain. Students are also learning about how persuasion is used in advertising. The students created a product with their group and will be creating an on-line SMORE that they will present next Friday. The SMORE will include different advertising techniques in order to try to “sell” me the product. We will also be having an on-line artist do a live presentation via the internet this month!

Word Work: The students continue to work on differentiated word sorts. Many of the sorts are focusing on Greek and Latin roots. When students understand the meanings of common root words, it will help them to decode much larger and more difficult words.

Writing: We have been working on persuasive writing. The students were taught OREO as a format to write a persuasive paragraph. This acronym stands for opinion, reason, explanation and opinion. They have written some pretty persuasive pieces about home, school or the world!

Social Studies: We are continuing on in history and have moved into the Westward Expansion of the United States. Students will be learning about Lewis and Clark, manifest destiny, and the Trail of Tears. We will be working on reading non-fiction passages and identifying main ideas about each of these topics.

Science: We have started our Human Body unit. We will focus on the digestive, circulatory and respiratory systems. We started by learning about the digestive system and its functions. The students are following a Schoology course I created to guide their learning. They are working collaboratively with others to complete assignments. It has been a lot of fun!

Achieve: A new contest was announced through the Achieve 3000 company. Students are very excited. Each class is awarded points based on their performance of a multiple choice activities related to the article read. There will be a winner from every school. If we win, we will be taking the $25 gift card and celebrating with an ice cream party! In addition, the teacher of the last class that won the contest will be buying cookies for the winning class as well. So let’s just say they are excited. Students are using their critical thinking skills to read informational articles aligned with topics we are currently covering in class. They are then answering reading polls which require them to justify their answers with support and evidence from the story. Then, they are completing multiple choice questions to focus on sequencing, summarizing, cause and effect, etc. It is so exciting to see them engaged and excited to read. In addition, they are no longer guessing because they know that their score counts for the entire class. Students are going back to re-read and really thinking about what is the best answer to each question.

Math 1st Hour: We just finished unit 7, which was a very short unit on algebraic expressions and coordinate geometry. We are planning on spending some time partnering up with Mrs. Sullivan and the Unity House to work on an extension activity. The final 5th grade unit will be unit 8 which is on geometry. We will then move into the 6th grade math book.

Math 6th Hour and Mr. Vandenelzen's Math: We are working on Unit 5. This unit will cover dividing multi-digit numbers and dividing decimals. Remember to be checking our Schoology course for support with the lessons being taught. If you need assistance with this course, please contact Mrs. Chrisman.

Upcoming Events/Reminders:

3/7.....Lineville Family Fun Night - Clue Game - 5:30-7:30

3/7.....Seroogy's Chocolate and Coffee Fundraiser Begins

3/11.....Choir Concert at 6:30

3/19.....5th grade Vision Screening

3/20.....Seroogy's Chocolate and Coffee Fundraiser Ends

3/22 - 3/30.....Spring Break

3/31.....School Resumes

School Supplies

Replenish Supplies: It is that time of year to review your child’s supplies to see if they are in need of new writing utensils (pencils and red pens), eraser caps, notebooks, or even a new Trapper Keeper or binder. Several students seem to be in short supply and these are items that are not supplied in our classrooms. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.

EPIC Teacher's Wish List

*We would love any donations of candy for our classrooms. It is amazing what our students will do for a Jolly Rancher or a Starburst!! Any kind of candy would be wonderful.

*Our classrooms supply of hand sanitizer is getting low. If you would be interested in donating hand sanitizer to our classrooms please send it to school with your child.