Barbet Club of America

Spring Newsletter

Upcoming Barbet Supported Entry

July 18-20, 2014

Stafford, Virginia will be the gathering spot for the Barbet this July when the Barbet Club of America supports the Barbet entry at 5 AKC FSS shows sponsored by the American Hairless Terrier and Dogo Argentino Clubs. Last year these shows had the largest Barbet entry of the year and we expect even more dogs to compete this year. Stafford, VA is close to Washington DC and its many fantastic sightseeing opportunities.

AKC FSS shows offer an excellent way to get involved with your dog in a relaxed setting. Check it out!

Puppies Puppies Puppies

AKC FSS Registration Grows

For the first time ever, there are 3 litters of Barbet puppies in America at one time! Club members Stacy Able and Judy Descutner each welcomed litters of 9 puppies, while another litter of 7 was born on the West Coast. These 25 puppies represent a huge addition to our AKC FSS roster of registered dogs. Each new addition to the AKC FSS helps the breed in the quest toward AKC full recognition. If you have imported a dog from Canada or Europe, please fill out the AKC paperwork to register your dog with the AKC. Right now there are approximately 120 Barbet listed with the AKC.

FSS is AKC's Foundation Stock Service, which keeps the pedigrees of all registered dogs. As the Barbet grows in popularity and earns titles in AKC competition, we will move into the MIscellaneous group, which will allow participation at ANY AKC dog show, not just the FSS Open Shows.

Keep up to date with the AKC FSS news:

Barbet Health Survey

The Barbet Health Survey is off to a good start with 59 responses. You are encouraged to add your dog to the anonymous database. The survey is located on the OFA website. If you previously entered your Barbet and his/her health has changed, please add this information as well. As time goes on, our database will become an important tool in assessing the health of our beautiful breed.

All health testing can be reported on the OFA website as well. Barbet currently listed can be found at this link. Generally, results of hip and elbow xrays, and eye checks can be found here. Other health tests may be included.

Cinna Sweeps the Breed!

Congratulations to Stacy Able and Cinna di Barbochos Reaiu de Prouvenco for winning Best of Breed at all four AKC FSS Open shows held in Kansas City, MO last March 13-16. Cinna was also Best FSS at 2 of the shows.

Nessa Best FSS at Oyster Bay, LI

Nuphar's Gift-Wrapped won Best of Breed and Best FSS at both of the AKC FSS Open Shows held in Oyster Bay, NY last month. Nessa is owned and shown by Judy Descutner, Hickory, PA

What does this mean, anyway??

  • At a dog show, all of the Barbet are judged individually, and one is selected as the Best of Breed (BOB). Best of Opposite Sex (BOS) is awarded to the best Barbet whose sex differs from the Breed winner. For example, if the BOB winner is a female, BOS will be a male.
  • Best FSS (Best in the Foundation Stock Service group) is the same as a Group 1 at a normal dog show. All of the Best of Breed winners from the FSS breeds compete as a group. The best of these is awarded Best FSS.
  • Best FSS and Best in the Miscellaneous group (those breeds further along in AKC's process) compete for Best in Show (BIS).
  • In AKC competition, Barbet have been very competitive thus far, winning many Groups and a few Bests in Show!

Please send us your news and photos!!