Lionel Aldridge


Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that one is born with that causes an individual to be disconnected from reality. This disorder effects any ages There are many cases of schizophrenia and many different ways it can effect an individual, the most common being visual hallucinations or extreame. paranoia
Freedom from schizophrenia, a twin's quest: Cyndi Shannon Weickert at TEDxSydney 2014


Schizophrenia is caused by neurotransmitters in the brain producing to much dopamine.


Schizophrenia can occur within any age, there have been cases of children as young as 3 showing signs of schizophrenia. There are cases that are more severe than another so severity has an influence on during what point in life one signs are noticeable.


It is a genetic disorder that can be inherited from parents. It is how one is born when dopamine is produced to much in the brain by the neurotransmitters.


Treatment options for those with schizophrenia are dopamine blockers that blocks the production of dopamine. Therapy to learn to cope with schizophrenia is also available.


It is important to remember that schizophrenia can be dangerous if severe enough and if someone knows another with schizophrenia it is important to get them help because one can start acting out violently if they are paranoid and don't realize it is all in their head.