Oil Sands


It Says

"The oil sands have made Canada the Number One foreign supplier of oil to the U.S. This has become a major factor in the close economic partnership shared by the two countries."

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I say

Being the number One foreign supplier of oil to the U.S is a big thing. Both countries are widely populated and that way they can build even a closer economic partnership. I think maybe Canada could try to build more economic partnerships with other countries, that way they could benefit even more from their oil sands and there could be more than one major factor happening. they could also be the number one foreign supplier with more than one country, that way it could also increase their value and benefits in oil sands. The oil industry in Canada is also known as "Oil Patch" the term refers to upstream operations. I read an article about Oil production in Canada it mentioned that "Canada is the fifth-largest producer of natural gas and crude oil in the world with extensive oil and natural gas reserves across the country"

And So

Oil landfills are causing pollution and they take way too much space. Some ways are we could use less oil, but now in our modern life its almost impossible we use oil in a lot of things. If people use less oil then maybe companies will start to manufacture less. Instead of driving a car you could ride a bicycle, carpool or use public transport. When possible you could use products packaged without plastic. You could also try to buy natural products