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A newsletter for dairy producers - November 2016

Setting up your farm for success

By Jim Salfer, University of Minnesota Regional Dairy Extension Educator

Successfully managing a dairy farm can be challenging. There are moving parts, and they each need to be working well for success. This is not unlike successful sports teams. If the offense is great, but the defense is not, the chances of success are greatly diminished. Continue...
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Not all NDF is the same!

By Jim Paulson, University of Minnesota Regional Dairy Extension Educator

Forage, on a dry matter basis, is composed of protein, fat, non-fiber carbohydrates (NFC), fiber (also carbohydrates) and ash. Neutral detergent fiber, or NDF, is part of the carbohydrates of forage and a significant factor in the amount of energy that forages can provide to a ruminant. But NDF is different in different forages. Continue...
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How Do Genetics Impact Animal Well-Being?

By: Heidi Carroll, SDSU Extension Livestock Stewardship Associate

Animal Care Wednesday Webinars
Husbandry Practices in the Spotlight

During the October Animal Care Wednesday Webinar, Dr. Michael Gonda, South Dakota State University Associate Professor of Animal Genetics, discussed the difficult topic of the impacts that genetic technologies have on food animal farming and ranching.

Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering (GE) refers to the insertion, deletion, or modification of a specific region of DNA in an organism. This technology has the potential to transform how we improve livestock with genetics. Continue...

Calendar of Events

NOTE: All event times are CST.

29: North Dakota Dairy Convention, Baymont Inn & Suites, Mandan, ND.
29-December 1: Minnesota Milk Dairy Conference and Expo, River's Edge Convention Center, St. Cloud, MN.

7: Animal Care Wednesday webinar, 10:30 am
8-9: Risk Assessment Workshop-Lincoln, NE.
13: Avoiding Cold Stress in Winter Months webinar; 10:00 am. Click here for details and to join the webinar.

16-20: I-29 Moo University Winter Workshop; Hot Topics on a Cold Day. Details coming soon!
16: Quality Inn, Jamestown, ND
17: Codington County Extension Center, Watertown, SD
18: Pipestone Systems Conference Room, Pipestone, MN
19: Sioux County Extension Office, Orange City, IA
20: Lifelong Learning Center at NECC, Norfolk, NE

3: SD Midwest Dairy Assn, District 1& 2 meetings, Brookings, SD
3: SD Dairy Producers Annual Meeting, Brookings, SD
21: Nebraska State Dairy Association annual convention; Columbus, NE
24: Cattle Handling workshop; Beresford, SD

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