Digital Teaching and Learning

November 30, 2020

Technical Considerations for Virtual Learning

As we are now back in a 100% virtual environment, teachers and students may experience problems related to access of HCPS technology resources through their HCPS-issued devices. Below are suggested considerations to maximize performance of cloud-based applications.

Technical Considerations:

1. Turn off outgoing video in Teams.

2. Close unnecessary programs that clog WiFi performance (eg. streaming music or playing video on your HCPS device).

3. Think about other devices in your home that may be using WiFi (Alexa, Smart Camera, FaceTime).

4. Consider the device's proximity to the WiFi router.

5. Turn off incoming video in Teams.

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Instructional Considerations:

1. Cloud-based files that include a lot of data (eg. Images) require extra loading time due to the file size. Consider limiting the amount of text, images, and multimedia contained within itslearning elements (eg. Assignments, Notes).

2. itslearning Assignment digital passout (make a copy for each student) saves to the cloud. Saving time depends on WiFi strength and file size. Consider the amount of content in the document that is being digitally passed out to students. Less is more. These files work best as just text/tables.

3. To assume the most recent Teams updates, be sure to create new Teams links for virtual instruction every few weeks.

Instructional Technology Office Hours Return!

Office hours are back! Office hours will be held 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday via this Teams link. Access the full schedule on this calendar.

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