TUSD Robotics

2017-2018 Season: Issue 5

December 14, 2017

On December 2nd, TUSD Robotics hosted another successful middle and high school mid-season tournament. We had 24 of our secondary teams ready for the competition and held a scrimmage on the side with another nine middle school teams who will be ready in January for their first official middle school competition. We are very proud of the progress all the teams have made this year. This is by far the hardest game we have seen in our four years of TUSD Robotics!
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Dec. 2nd Award Winners


6627A Knight Time Bots- Foothill High School (TUSD)

363A Anonymous- SoftEmpower Robotics (Anaheim)

486F DodgerBots- Atwater Community (Carson)


2496X Robotpatties- Beckman High School (TUSD)

8838B Robohawks- Orchard Hills School (TUSD)

6627C Knight Time Bots- Foothill High School (TUSD)

Celebrating Robot Skills

We have been celebrating the success of robot skills teams this year. This is a separate competition at tournaments to see who can individually get the highest combined driving and programming score. Teams who participate in robot skills must put in many hours of driving practice and fine-tuning of autonomous programs on top of building exceptional robots.

At the mid-season tournament, the TUSD teams who competed in robot skills were:

Foothill Team A Total= 178 (Currently tied for 2nd in the World)

Beckman Team V Total= 90 (Currently 36th in the World)

Orchard Hills Team B Total= 76

Beckman Team N Total= 76

Beckman Team X Total= 72

Beckman Team Y Total = 70

Foothill Team D Total = 65

New Judging Process

For the first time, we tried a different process for judging where teams signed up for a time slot to be interviewed by judges. It worked beautifully! Judges were able to hear interview answers in a room off to the side of the noisy pit area and teams were responsible for showing up for their interviews. The judges were extremely impressed with the quality of the engineering notebooks and how effectively teams explained their design choices for their robots. Well done teams!
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Elementary Robotics

We are gearing up for the only official elementary VEX IQ tournament held on January 27th, 2018 at Orchard Hills Middle School. We have 47 teams from 12 of our elementary schools registered as official VEX IQ teams this season! These teams are working hard to get their robots and driving skills ready for this quickly approaching tournament. The second cohort of elementary teams begins in January with a tournament that will be held at Currie Middle School in May.

Volunteers Needed for Upcoming Events

We are in need of referees, judges and robot inspectors for the upcoming tournaments. The tournament schedule is:

Middle School Only January 20th, 2018

Elementary Only January 27th, 2018

HS & MS Combined February 3rd, 2018

We are looking for MS volunteers for the Elementary tournament, HS volunteers for the Middle School tournament and College Students/Working Professionals for the HS & MS Combined tournament. However, we will take any volunteer for any tournament!

Please click on and complete the survey below to let us know your interest and availability:

Volunteer Interest Survey

Thank you to our sponsors for all of their support!

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