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10/15/15 Parent & Student News By: Bonnie Hall, Principal

ACT Aspire Periodic Tests Scheduled for Grades 3-8

In a continued effort to monitor our students academically as well as to monitor our own curriculum, we will be administering three ACT Aspire Periodic Tests in the areas of reading, mathematics, science, and language arts.

The periodic mini-tests will give our students a flavor of the summative ACT Aspire test which grades 3-8 will take in mid-April. It will also afford the opportunity for our teachers and me to monitor progress as well as curriculum taught throughout the year.

The tests will be administered by your child's teacher; each subject area test is about 45 minutes long and will be administered electronically in our Technology Center during regular class time. The test format is multiple choice.

These periodic assessments do not impact a child's grade; modifications for students with an IEP/504 will also be made.

Of course, results of the periodic tests will be made available to parents, as we receive the results.

Please read additional information about the ACT Aspire Test from our Associate Supt., Dr. Mary Kearney:


Once Upon a Mattress - K-8 Field Trip to TF South High School Coming Up

Our friends at TF South High School have invited St. Ann School to see the production of the musical "Once Upon a Mattress" on Thursday, November 5th. The lead roles of this play will be performed by our very own St. Ann School Alumni. We'll walk over to TFS at 9 a.m. and will return by noon. (Lunches will be served a tad later that day, but the lunches will be served immediately by Chez Paul upon the children's return to school.) All students may wear their gym uniforms on that day; I ask that children have jackets, hats, gloves, etc. as needed for the day's weather. Permission slips will go home on Wednesday, Oct. 14th and are due back to your child's homeroom teacher by Oct. 29th. There is an admission fee of $1 per student to see the play. I'm also attaching a copy of the permission form. All students will need a permission slip returned in order to attend the play with their class. We are unable to accept permission "over the phone" and thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Permission Slip


Halloween Pancake Breakfast

Q) What's even better than Halloween?

A) A pancake breakfast ON Halloween!

Hope to see you there! Please join us:


Thank you, John Scheppe.

For his Eagle Scout Project, John Scheppe, a senior at TF South (and St. Ann Alum) stained our school's front facade to match the school brickwork. Thank you to John and his team!

Coming Soon...

Special Persons' Day Moments

Thank you for another wonderful Special Persons' Day filled with love and togetherness. God bless all of our special people!

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